I first became interested in Astronomy in my teens and became an avid observer using my 60mm refracter. I was a member of the the Teeside Astronomical Scociety and the BAA.

University and then marriage and work meant I no longer had the time to follow this hobby. However, following retiremet I have returned to this amazing hobby and have been delighted at the developments in both equipment and scientific research and knowledge.

My Kit

Celestron 6" Newtonian on Celestron CGEM GoTo mount
34mm Photoprojection eyepiece
20mm Plossal
2x Barlow
16 x 50 Binoculars
Philips SPC880 webcam
Canon 450D (Unmodded)



I have now been trying to photograph some of the things I observe since April 2011 with varying degrees of success. I have divided them into Solar System objects, objects outside the Solar System but within our own galaxy, the Milky Way and those beyond the Milky Way. Finally there is a page featuring images I have taken using the Faulkes telescopes in Hawaii and Australia.